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Travel News and Trends

We’re excited to bring you all the news from Expedia, Hotels.com and Vrbo all in one place. We’re happy to be a resource for editorial requests including:  

  • Vacation Deprivation – Expedia released its 23rd Vacation Deprivation report, shedding light on how global travelers are using — or losing — their PTO days
  • Hidden Hotels – com shares a list of hotels off the beaten path.
  • Summer Beachside Escapes – Vrbo shares a list of beachside vacation home rentals that are picture-perfect for soaking in the rays.

81% of travelers worldwide pledge to travel in 2023, no matter what

Expedia released the 23rd Vacation Deprivation Report, shedding light on how global travelers are using — or losing — their PTO days. This year’s report reveals vacation deprivation levels have hit a 10-year high and examines the impact of inflation and recession fears on travel spending.  Americans continue to prioritize travel, despite 72% feeling impacted by inflation. On average, they are twice as likely to cut back on their grocery bills and dining out than to consider postponing a vacation. And interest in flights soars as summer getaway searches are up 25% YoY, according to Expedia flight data. Americans consistently rank the lowest in the world for time off, receiving and taking fewer days than the rest of the world, leaving 63% of Americans feeling vacation deprived. See HERE for more information on the Vacation Deprivation report, including the full report, assets and b-roll.

Coming soon: 2023 Vacation Homes of the Year

This year’s list of the top vacation homes on Vrbo drops in mid-May. The gorgeous properties range from idyllic lakeside escapes to cozy mountain retreats and desert paradises. Reply to this newsletter for a first look at the 2023 Vacation Homes of the Year.

Top searched destinations for May

Flight searches are getting a jump start on summer, with tropical destinations like Cancun, Punta Cana, and Montego Bay trending on Expedia. Other top destinations include Orlando, Miami, New York, and Las Vegas.

Planning a summer getaway? Expedia recently released the summer travel forecast as a resource, detailing the best time to plan and book.

10 off-the-grid hotels to truly get away from it all

From cave hotels to private islands, Hotels.com has curated a list of hidden hotels around the world that offer something for every traveler seeking an adventure in a discrete setting: